Starbucks Japan to open its first store using sign language

Starbucks Japan will open its first Signing Store in Kunitachi City, Tokyo, on 27 June!

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The new Starbucks store will feature several Deaf and hearing-impaired employees among its staff, offering food, beverages, and services to customers in Japanese sign language. The area of Kunitachi has a long history of the Deaf and hard of hearing community, and the new store will be located near a school for the Deaf. 

This will be the fifth store of Starbucks that provides the signing language service internationally. Starbucks Japan has taken the ‘’no filter’’ approach to diversity and inclusion as it claimed in 2018. The purpose of the concept is to foster a culture rooted in human connection that embraces every individual. The upcoming store might be one of the showcases of the company’s ongoing commitment to inclusion, accessibility, and also diversity.


Store information
Starbucks Coffee Kunitachi
address: 1-6 Higashi, Kunitachi 150-0011 Tokyo Prefecture
TEL: 042-505-9223
Open date: 27 June, 2020
Business time: 7:00-22:00