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Introduce Japanese Visa Referral Service Background

The Japanese Visa application has been suspended due to the influence of the Novel Coronavirus. And recently it has announced the relaxation of restrictions on entry. Japan is now seeking overseas talents. However, the procedure of visa application is complicated. Whether there are any missed documents or unsatisfactory conditions will cause the Japanese Visa application failure, the approval of re-application will be strictly controlled. LikeJapan is working in partnership for the Haneda International Legal Firm, to provide support services for applying the Japanese Visa to foreigners or small and medium enterprises. Once the information is collected, we will pass it to a professional Japanese immigration lawyer to handle.

Types of Japanese Visa

Permanent Redisent Visa

Permanent Residence Visa

Eligible persons

Permanent Residence Visa: Those who have resided in Japan for at least 10 years in principle and have been recognized by the Minister of Justice as being able to reside and move freely in Japan on a long-term basis.
Naturalized Visa: Those who have worked in Japan for at least 5 years in principle

Period of stay


Spouse Visa

Spouse Visa

Eligible persons

Marriage to a Japanese national or a permanent resident visa holder, and children born to a Japanese national

Period of stay

From six months to five years

Working Visa

Working Visa

Eligible persons

Staff transferred to a Japanese branch or employed by a local company in Japan

Period of stay

From three months to five years

Business Manager Visa

Business Manager Visa

Eligible persons

The management who are ready to set up a company and run a business in Japan
Has been prepared 5,000,000 yen for the company's working capital
Have a business plan already

Period of stay

From three months to five years

How to apply for a Japanese Visa?

One-stop service, Haneda International is a professional immigration lawyer team who have a lot of experience in assisting and following up the Japanese Visa application from the beginning to the end.

Apply Basic information to create Japanese Visa cases

Step 1

Via to apply

Provide basic information for Japanese Visa case creation

Step 2

Provide basic information for Japanese Visa case creation

Step 3

Japanese Lawyer will contact the applicant for handling the Japanese Visa application and any conditions needed.

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CaseStudy of Japanese Visa

Case Study 1Miss Chan
graduate25 years-old / graduate

I was hired by a local company in Japan after graduation. However, I realized that the required documents of Japanese Visa were complicated and the authorities will be strictly controlled on further application. I was not only worried that I would not be able to apply again due to missing documents but also worried that it would be a waste of time and money if the application failed.

After entrusting Haneda International, they provided an experienced local legal team that will follow up closely and I only need to provide personal resumes. All the documents will be handled by them so I don't have to deal with the problem. The most important thing is that if the application did not succeed, my application fees will be refunded back to me in full*. It reassures me!
Mr. Wong
40 years-old / SME director / Develop a new business to Japan

I have been operating a Japanese purchasing company in Hong Kong, and recently I plan to set up a local branch in Japan for new business. However, I was busy with business so I have no time to deal with the requirements of Japanese Visa. I heard that your company is providing a Japanese Visa service so I do not need to process documents in person.

After entrusting your company, the person in charge will not only follow up the case, but also give me a lot of useful suggestions. The process is simple, and the Japanese Visa was issued smoothly at the end. I really appreciate your help!
Mr. Ho
35 years-old / Working in Japan / Spouse Visa

I plan to apply for a spouse visa but I have no idea where to start. I am also worried that there will be any missing cases in the remote process. Heard that your company can get a refund in full if the application is unsuccessful*. Haneda International has a lot of experience in applying for a Japanese Visa. I am relieved to entrust your company to handle it on my behalf.

During the application process, the person in charge explained each step patiently and reminded me of the details that I have to pay attention to. Also, they are following up on the application process actively. I am satisfied with the professional and thoughtful service attitude, and I will definitely recommend it to friends who need to apply for a Japanese Visa!

*The application fee will be collected first. We will refund in full if the failure reason is because of our mistake.

Japanese Visa Q&A

I'm a graduate who is seeking a job in Japan. Could you please help to apply a Japanese Visa on my behalf?

If you have been hired by a company in Japan already, we can do it. However, the company needs to provide information to assist in the application. We do not provide job referral services.

If I have not received any job offer in Japan, is it true that I won't be able to work in Japan?

Basically yes. We suggest clients consider applying for a working holiday visa. And, convert to a working visa after getting a job offer in Japan.

*The schedule for working holiday visa application in Japan is still pending until further notice.

Are all types of jobs acceptable to apply for a working visa?

No. To apply for a working visa you will need an office job or a job related to your major in your university. In addition, some labor jobs cannot apply for employment visas. Labor refers to some occupations that do not require professional knowledge or skills and only require short-term training. (For example, convenience store cashiers, catering employees, etc.)

Is there no charge if the application of Japanese Visa is failed? How is the progress?

The Japanese Visa application fee will be collected first. We will refund in full if the failure reason is because of our mistake. However, if it is rejected because of the applicant (such as concealment and misrepresentation in status, using false instruments), the Japanese Visa application fee will not be refunded.

How long does it take to get a Japanese Visa?

There is a difference between applying from Hong Kong (Certificate of Eligibility) and applying in Japan. It also depends on the government organization where you live.


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