Futuristic Tokyo night photography — blood red moon & Skytree does not only belong to the fantasy

A Twitter user @hom_fab extraordinarily captures the ordinary Tokyo. He captures the moment of sunset, the neon-lit contradiction, the busy highways, and factories… His recent work, the blood-red moon under Tokyo’s signature building — Tokyo Skytree, brings the fantasy world alive. He manages through these shots to give a whole new vibe to Tokyo, so futuristic!


Strawberry moon and Skytree

The photos of Tokyo Skytree and the red moon was taken in early June was shared by media such as Tokyo Camera Club and Livedoor News. @hom_fab has experience of observing the daily lunar movement, and this allows him to capture this blood orange moon under certain conditions.

He also shared the moonrise time-lapse on Twitter. The red, round moon slowly rise above the peak of Tokyo Skytree.

Here is a closer look of his amazing photography.


The “Ordinary Transition” of Tokyo

As an amateur photographer, @hom_fab hosts an exhibition of his daily work in Tokyo as well. His theme, Ordinary Transition, shows the beauty of daily life in Tokyo. On his blog, he wrote that he has suspended his overseas photography trips and enjoys staying home photography during the quarantine period. He emphasized that any subject could become the best scenery of a photograph, just like his adorable cat who is always by his side. Let’s take a look at other magic moments in his work:

Final Fantasy’s “mako reactors” all across Japan.

Tokyo’s mirror in rainy season.

The close-to-living-creatures architecture.

The art of light and speed under Tokyo’s bridge.

And the fairy of refrigerator lol

Thank you for providing us photos @hom_fab.