Enjoy Luggage-free Travel in Japan

No matter you are traveling from far or close to Japan, you must have prepared numbers of huge luggage and bags to keep your favourite Japanese souvenirs. Wouldn’t it be perfect if you can enjoy a hassle-free trip between cities?

Coin Lockers

The first most common practice is storing your luggage in coin lockers. You may find coin lockers of different sizes at most major stations and tourist spots, which cost about 300 – 600 yen. It is possible to pay by IC cards in some downtown facilities, yet, it is always best to keep some 100 yen coins with you. In some popular and busy locations, such as Shinjuku Station and  New Yokohama Station, you may find it difficult to find a free locker. Remember to research, prioritize and note down the location of your targeted locker.

Luggage Delivery Service

The Japanese hospitality of course would never disappoint you. Now you can enjoy the luxurious and comfortable hands-free travel service in Japan.

Airport-Hotel Delivery

Upon your arrival to the four major airports Narita, Haneda, Kansai International Airport and Chubu Centrair in Nagoya, you can immediately drop off your luggage and have it delivered to your hotel on the same day, or any designated date and time. Then you can start your day trip right away. It is definitely a great option for family travellers. 

Hotel to Hotel Delivery

Nevertheless, most major hotels also offer luggage delivery between hotels. Send your luggage to the next hotel at the reception of the current hotel and go sightseeing, your baggage will then be waiting for you at the next hotel. If you are staying at small hotels, you can also enjoy travelling in comfort with convenient store delivery service. If you are travelling to ski resorts, golf course or planning to do a lot of shopping, the delivery service would absolutely be a great help.