The beauty of Gifu Castle from different distance

Have you ever visited Gifu Castle (岐阜城)? Here is a set of photos of Gifu Castle taken by a Twitter user (@atsushi_k_photo) at 4 different spots using the same camera. Gifu Castle got smaller as he moved further away from it but the size of the moon remained unchanged. Let’s enjoy the beauty of Gifu Castle!

1. Distance from Gifu Castle: 6.5 km

Photo Credit: Twitter @atsushi_k_photo

2. Distance from Gifu Castle: 3.8 km

Photo Credit: Twitter @atsushi_k_photo

3. Distance from Gifu Castle: 2.9 km

Photo Credit: Twitter @atsushi_k_photo

4. Distance from Gifu Castle: 1.3 km

Photo Credit: Twitter @atsushi_k_photo


This photo set has attracted over 40,000 likes and 15,000 shares on Twitter.

Netizens gave a big round of applause to the photos and especially to the second one. One commented that the second photo (3.8 km away) is with the most balanced position, angle and composition.

So, which do you like best?


Photo Credit: Twitter @atsushi_k_photo

Camera used: Sigma 150-600mm (シグマの150-600mm)

Place: Gifu Castle, Gifu Prefecture, Japan