Don’t Miss Out the Upgraded WaterWorld Show in Universal Studio Japan!

Universal Studios Japan has upgraded the popular live stunt show WaterWorld and reopened the attraction on Friday, June 1, 2018. WaterWorld has been enjoying great popularity with its grand scale and high quality since the Park’s grand opening, and has been experienced by over 100 million people worldwide. *1 The attraction is a two-time winner of the globally renowned THEA Award. *2 WaterWorld has just completed a grand-scale renewal for the first time since its opening.

The renewed WaterWorld features enhanced dynamic live action, the best part of the attraction, to the fullest. Cries of joy arose among guests who experienced the show filled with scenes of tension and thrills created by a dynamic three-dimensional sound system unique to Universal Studios, Hollywood-quality stunt action, even more intense explosions, a high dive through a giant fireball, and more extreme jet-ski action. Guests who enjoyed this dynamic and entirely renewed show gave their comments with excitement: “Extremely dynamic sound and stunts! I immersed myself in WaterWorld!” (a female university student from Osaka Prefecture); “The show has been greatly upgraded and is incomparable with the previous one. I got very excited. The show was so dynamic that I felt as if I had seen a movie!” (a female university student from Kyoto Prefecture); “I was astonished with the heat from the fire and the large volume of water! My child and I got very excited!” (a female in her 30s from Hyogo Prefecture).



Advanced features of the new WaterWorld

A dynamic three-dimensional sound system increases depth and breadth in direction and distance.

The show’s sound quality has been enhanced by doubling the number of channels used in the attraction’s theater. Through the use of this dynamic three-dimensional sound system unique to Universal Studios, the sound effects have exceeded the level of “sounds” with increased depth and breadth in direction and distance and successfully created a fully immersive experience filled with tension and thrills, making guests feel as if they were in the middle of a fierce battle in the story of WaterWorld.


More amazing Hollywood-quality stunt action! More intense explosions! A high dive through a giant fireball! And more extreme jet-ski action!

Along with the fully upgraded sound effect system, greatly enhanced are the exciting new special effects using fire and water, along with the real thrill of WaterWorld, the amazing stunt action. WaterWorld’s symbolic stunt, the “high dive” into water, has been intensified into a 13-meter drop, and there are scenes of an incredibly major explosion. These dynamic and exciting scenes, which have been enhanced to the fullest, occur just in front of the guests.


About WaterWorld

WaterWorld is a movie depicting the world of a future earth that has become a marine planet as a result of global warming. The floating base called Atoll, which is depicted as a floating city in the film “WaterWorld,” has been recreated and before the eyes of the guests the pirate “Smokers” and The Mariners battle it out on the water with high-speed jet-ski chases and awesome pyrotechnics. This is a thrilling stunt show featuring high-level stunt action.

The renewed, greatly upgraded and very popular live stunt show “WaterWorld” is brought to you in part by Coca-Cola (Japan) Company, Limited and Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc.

Photo and text by Universal Studio Japan