The 2,000 yen banknote-The note originated in Okinawa

I believe that whose often go to Japan has already been very familiar with the 10,000, 5,000 and 1,000 yen banknotes. But do you know that there is also a 2,000 yen note and seldom be seen outside Okinawa? What is the relationship between the 2,000 yen note and Okinawa?


The 2,000 yen note was issued in 2000 to commemorate the millennium and the 26th G28 Summit held in Okinawa. It is noteworthy that according to the Japan Banking Law, the 2,000 note is a regular series in circulation but not a commemorative banknote.

The obverse depicts the Shureimon, a 16th-century gate at Shuri Castle.

How to withdraw

Since the 2,000 yen  banknote is all about Okinawa, Okinawa has a widespread promotion of it. For example, the official website of Bank of Ryukyus has a “Promotion of the popularity of 2,000 yen notes” page, and there are also ATMs that have a button for withdrawing 2,000 yen note in priority to all other notes. Besides, ATMs in local LAWSON will give priority to 2,000 yen notes as well. Next time when you come to Okinawa, you may pay extra attention if there is any 2,000 yen note in change.

Photo Credit: 1. Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau 2. 林聖芳 3.Yu Ling Yeh

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