Japan’s cheapest Shinkansen ride! Cost only 300JPY from Hakata

Many people will purchase a JR PASS when they travel to Kyushu if they don’t want to drive as a ride on the Shinkansen costs a lot. According to a report from the Asahi Shimbun, there is a surprisingly low price route of the Shinkansen in Fukuoka that a one-way ticket with limited express ticket costs only 300JPY. For children, they can even enjoy a half-price discount! Do you know where this SUPER cheap route is?

The 300-yen Shinkansen ride from Hakata Station

The reporter claimed that when he first moved to Fukuoka, he was surprised by the low price of this route. The Shinkansen trains go from Hakata Station to Hakata-Minami Station. The distance between the two stations is about 8.5 km and the journey takes about 8 minutes.

You have to purchase from a ticket vending machine at JR Hakata Station. You will get two paper tickets for 300JPY including a regular fare ticket (200JPY) and a limited express fare ticket (100JPY). In addition, children can enjoy a 50% discount.

Hakata-Minami Station: The only Shinkansen Station with a depot

Hakata-Minami Station is a popular tourist attraction for many children and railfans. Before, the station was a depot, used to keep Shinkansen trains from the Hakata terminal. By late 1980s, JR decided to build a station adjacent to the Hakata Shinkansen Depot as the residents living nearby advocated. Therefore, Hakata-Minami Station started to transport passengers since 1990 and has become the only Shinkansen station alongside a depot in Japan. The line enhanced train service with additional vehicles from 32 to 54 per day. 15,000 passengers travel through this line every day, 80% of them are white-collar workers and students.

Hataka-Minami Station has a 205 meters long platform which is half the length of Hakata Station. That’s why only 8-car trains such as Kodama can be fitted. The station is greatly recommended to you not only because it is convenient, but also this is the cheapest Shinkansen ride in Japan~