Silent Shopkeeper with Strong Personality in a Local Hokkaido’s Ramen Shop

Does anyone yearn to hear the sound of “Irasshaimase!” when you visit a Japanese ramen shop?  The episode of the Japanese TV program “Monday Night Late Show” which was released on March 18, 2019, introduced a very silent ramen shopkeeper. After the broadcast, the shop has become popular. Let’s see what’s so special about the ramen shop together!

There is no greeting when you enter the shop, no response when you order, and no words when serving. The shopkeeper even put your change next to the cashier wordlessly that you have to take care of yourself. 

As people are longing to hear the shopkeeper speak, the show had sent staff to the shop to experiment that when will the shopkeeper start to speak to the guests.

While the shopkeeper was taking a break, he kept peeking the staff who pretended to be a guest for 15 minutes,  then finally spoke to the staff and said he has not heard him order yet. At this moment, the staff decided to interview the shopkeeper- Mr. Takahashi.

At first, the shopkeeper said that he was afraid that having a conflict with guests if he echoed after the guests had made the order. So he kept silent. The host of the program wondered that silence caused more conflicts instead. Afterwards, the shopkeeper said honestly that he felt tired to talk.

As he feels sorry for his silence, he usually adds more toppings to the ramen.

Are you interested in visiting this ramen shop? It is called “緑ヶ丘 らい久”, located in Hokkaido. The ramen shop closes on every Tuesday. The shop will be closed earlier than its usual closing time if there is a lack of ingredients. 

Ever since the interview on TV, some netizens have also shared their feelings about this ramen shop on Twitter. 

Some excerpts in English:

You may be confused if you came here for the first time as there is no “welcome” and no response when you order so you better come with someone who has already known this shop. I like this kind of shop that can make me feel like home! 

Another netizen said he came back to this place two years later, the ramen here is strangely good and the portion is big enough. The shopkeeper may be quiet but the food is satisfying, nothing has changed in the past two years.


緑ヶ丘 らい久(Raikyu)

Address: 1-chōme-110-12 Midorigaoka, Iwamizawa, Hokkaido
Business hours:
Manday: 11:30~14:00
Tuesday: closed
Wednesday to Sunday: 11:30~19:00