Discover Tokyo and nearby regions with 5 types of Discount Tickets

With a mature and complicated transportation network, it is very common for travellers to get lost in downtown Tokyo. To resolve the travellers’ challenges regarding transportation, railway companies in Japan are offering a wide range of discount tickets to look for the favourable route to ride on. Here we are gathering the information of discount tickets covering Tokyo and nearby regions.



JR TOKYO Wide PASS is exclusive for travelling in Tokyo and nearby regions (known as Kanto region). Available for 3 consecutive days after first use with every service types of trains, you can get access to tourist spots like Mount Fuji., Izu, Karuizawa and GALA Yuzawa. The ticket fare for adult and children is 10000yen and 5000yen respectively. Details here.


2. Greater Tokyo Pass

Offered by 12 railway companies and 52 bus companies in the Kanto region, you can use this pass to travel around greater Tokyo in 3 consecutive days after first use. This ticket is available in Narita Airport, Haneda Airport and tourist information centre in main subway stations. The ticket fare for adult and children is 7200yen and 3600yen respectively. Details here.


3. Tokyo Subway Ticket

After purchasing this subway ticket, you can ride on all Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway lines within 24 to 72 hours (depends on your ticket).

Ticket Price (for adult) (Yen) Price (for children) (Yen)
24 hours 800 400
48 hours 1200 600
72 hours 1500 750

Also , there are other discount tickets exclusively for Toei Subway, Tokyo Metro and Toei bus. For more details.


4. Discount tickets for Kamakura/Enoshima/Hakone regions

Travelling from Tokyo to nearby regions is very common in recent years, therefore 6 types of discount tickets are offered in total to tourists! They are: Enoshima-Kamakura Freepass (Odakyu), Hakone Kamakura Pass (Odakyu), Kamakura-Enoshima Pass (JR), Enoshima 1-Day Passport (Odakyu), ENODEN 1-DAY PASS TICKET “NORIORIKUN” (Enoden), One Day Free Ticket Kamakura–Enoshima “Shonan Monorail” (Shonan Monorail).


5. Discount Tickets for Nikko region

Nikko region is another popular nearby tourist spot from Tokyo. 2 sets of discount tickets are offered in Nikko, they are NIKKO PASS World Heritage Area and NIKKO PASS All Area. You can purchase a ticket that is compatible with your travel plan.


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